What are your goals to become a published author? Accomplish greatness with Writers Publishing House. What’s Your Story? We can help…..


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What are your goals to become a published author? Accomplish greatness with Writers Publishing House. What’s Your Story? We can help…..

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In the case, you have already written a book Writers Publishing House is accepting new Authors. In 2020 Writers Publishing House celebrated over a decade of collaborating with authors to bring their books to life. By providing the tools and resources to authors over the years, we’ve given them the opportunity to encourage, motivate and influence others through their writing. Now it’s time for you to follow your calling and become a Writers Publishing House author to spread your message through a book… like many others have done over the years.

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A Business Called Life – Synopsis

In life you will encounter many issues whether they pertain to relationships, employers, finances, marriage, health problems, or raising children, all are equally important and should be handled with a foundation based on business practices.

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The Options Secret by Alan Asp

The Options Secret – Synopsis

The core systems will test anyone’s commitment, and drive you to embrace them or run from the pressure. As a trader, I found it’s more important to learn how this complex system of trading and investing works.

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Our authors stories are written to inspire the reader, teach, or entertain the world. All genres, fiction and nonfiction.

Publishing Packages

Features to fit every need and pricing to satisfy any budget

Our publishing packages are tailored to the needs of authors just like you.  We bundle world-class services to help you achieve your publishing goals.

YOur book is just that yours

Once you submit your completed manuscript, we’ll provide you with a customized proposal created specifically for the work. This way, when all is said and done, you’ll have the book you always dreamt of publishing.

Our comprehensive packages cover three critical and necessary areas of the publishing process: productionpromotion, and distribution.

Copyrights 100% Author

When your book is printed, we take care of the copyrighting process.

Two copies of your completed book are submitted for copyright registration under your name. If your book qualifies, it will also be assigned a Library of Congress Control Number, or LCCN. We will also assign it an ISBN and UPC Barcode.

Because lizzy is a good judge of individuals, and helps new authors every step of the way despite any pre-conceived ideas they may have. Everyone would be fortunate to have her act on their behalf.
Marin Bucknarsh