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In 2020 Writers Publishing House celebrated over a decade of assisting our authors. Since the dawn of time, humans have sought to leave their mark on the world. It started with cave painting, to scrolls in the middle ages, and digital books in the modern era. We believe everyone has a story to offer the world. Are you ready to leave your mark on history?

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We are one of the few publishing companies that include creative deliverables and marketing with enterprise-level special promotional support campaigns included in one service. We believe that to deliver the greatest sales results; we had to invent the greatest revenue generation service with promotional campaign integration and do it better than anyone else!

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We believe in your ideas, it’s time to make them a reality! It was this very thought that got things going for popular figures like Thomas Edison, Mark Twain, Stephen King and J. K. Rowling. Therefore, if you find it hard to make time and put your ideas down on paper? We can help…

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Writer’s Publishing House can make our authors publishing dreams come true. We believe its time for our clients to profit from their passion. Our diversified talent pool with multiple unique skill sets has enabled us to specialize in various genres and cater to the ghostwriting/ publishing needs of clients from varying industries and professional spheres.

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What are your goals to become a published author? Accomplish greatness with Writers Publishing House. What’s Your Story? We can help…..

8/24/2018 "I would like to sincerely thank my editor and my publisher, Lizzy McNett and her team at Ghost Writer Media for her expert advice and encouragement during the entire process of the book production. Her creativity and innovation can be seen in the design of the front and back cover, as well as her insights in the design of the book itself. Without her support, the idea to write this book will be stillborn. Thank you for being patient with me as I prepared the draft." Africa, Zimbabwe
Garfield Chikuse

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Have you written a book and the sales are not what you expected?

The most important part of becoming an author is marketing. Our quick response and high quality work can make your royalties soar.

Writer’s Publishing House is committed to our customers’ success. We will always make ourselves available to you with quick response times and high-quality work. Contact us today if you have any questions about digital marketing and how it can work for you.

Writers Publishing House offers publishing services, including ISBNs, Book Cover Designs, Author Publishing Packages. If you are ready to publish contact us today

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Ask No Questions Tell No Lies Banner

Ask No Questions Tell No Lies – Synopsis

Ask No Questions Tell No Lies, depicts a lifestyle many find alluring in the beginning. The idea of working a straight job for minimum wage, struggling to make ends meet seems impossible. On the other hand, living in the ‘Game” is filled with untold riches; if you are willing to pay the price at any cost.

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Unhackable – Synopsis

Learn to Leverage Technology So It Works To Your Advantage

Educate yourself so that your privacy and information are protected.

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Carlos Honore Banner - I Once Was

I Once Was – Synopsis

I Once Was: The evolution of an At Risk Youth Chronicles Carlos Honores’ inspirational life story from a troubled youth being introduces to sports and gaining a solid supports system to change his life.

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branchview book by brian jay nelson

Branchview Synopsis

In the lush green acres of the Connecticut seaside is the elegant family estate of Branchview. Steven Spencer, paranormal novelist is beckoned to the manor after receiving a mysterious message on his computer screen.

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Facing Fear Banner

Facing Fear Synopsis

Facing Fear depicts the true story of Evelyn (Billie) Frechette, the beloved companion of John Dillinger. The unyielding violence that ravaged the Native American Race made survival extremely dangerous.

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