Why You Should Make Your Writing More Readable (And How to Do It)
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Why You Should Make Your Writing More Readable (And How to Do It)

Learn how to enhance readability…. and why it’s important.

The concept of readability is inherent in any form of writing. Especially, if the content is short, like ad copy. When it comes to defining or measuring readability, it can be somewhat complex, but think of it as clearly understanding a piece of writing.

Any writer should always consider readability as highly essential, because it makes your writing more accessible to anyone. As an example, pay close attention to a book’s genre. It will decide the age and type of reader. Then the writer can dictate the content to the proper audience, school children, or professional executives.

Another important tip to remember is the platform on which the writing will be made available; the internet, or digital book, or printed material. The truth is, most people won’t read everything written no matter how entertaining. If you are looking to use the internet, the content must be shorter text but each section needs to be informative. It means breaking up the material into smaller, more digestible content, almost a simplified narrative or overview.

How well a person understands the writing is not just about simplicity. The content must be interesting, to gain and keep their attention. A piece of writing might be completely straightforward, without being too wordy and contain unnecessary content. Start by keeping your writing on track with the topic.

In the article below, the content is divided into two categories; professional—how to write so your copy is simple and easy to understand—and creative, tricks to make your writing more intriguing.


Professional Writing

Copy is meant to inform the reader with precise material; direct in unpretentious wording. The idea is to educate the reader without being condescending. When you’re proofreading, think about the clientele who will be reading the material, does it fit the genre of the copy? The initial step, stay away from jargon. If you absolutely must include it, make sure to define it for the audience. In any content, limit the use of pronouns, and stay away from local colloquialisms. The copy shouldn’t be a comprehension test.

Shorten Sentences

“I’ve told you before, and here I am telling you again; don’t try to string together long sentences with commas.”

In this of sentence, it is easy to make grammar errors.

“But, even if you don’t, you’ll likely create a sentence that your readers have to skim over again due to the sheer volume of words.”

When your sentences are short and only contain one key idea, they’re punchy and easy for the audience to get the concept.

Ordering Content
At times, as a writer, it will be necessary to explain a difficult topic. When this is the case, be sure to order the content carefully. Always start the copy with a definition or explanation that is generally well known. But avoid wording like ‘this, or ‘that’ be specific without being overzealous with the wording. Be very careful with words like ‘this’ as they are vague and can lack definition about what exactly the writer is trying to convey.

Creative Writing

If you want to create a masterpiece, it is essential to take the time describing the beautiful turns, places, or characters in the storyline. Then spend the time creating words that tell the story. You can make your writing so much more engaging by using nouns and verbs — leaving out the adjectives whenever possible. Creative writing is not about jumping right into the copy, explaining how a product works. It is about telling a story, describing the scene, and letting the characters bring the story to life. 

Readers Entertainment

In most cases, the writer has approximately thirty seconds to grab the reader’s attention or lose them all together. So, therefore, this part of writing is the most challenging. But, in fact, this is the time to make the content more readable. Readability is not just defined by the difficulty of the text, but by desire. If your copy is 2000 words of bleak prose, no one’s going to make it to the end. So, try to make the writing entertaining. The tip is not just about comedy unless that is the genre. When the writer is overzealous on one topic or another, like telling jokes, it can destroy the storyline. Therefore, keep the content flowing, interesting but informative. One more tip: be cautious of overused words. Open the thesaurus, broadening your vocabulary.

If for any reason, you get writer’s block search the internet to find content on the topic and mimic in your own words. The research can in many ways expand the creative writing process.


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