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What’s the difference between Self-Publishing and Hybrid or Traditional Publishing?


What’s the difference between Self-Publishing and Hybrid or Traditional Publishing?

Historically, when someone wanted to publish a book, they needed an agent who could find a traditional publisher and submit a manuscript. In fact, many publishing companies won’t even open a manuscript if it doesn’t come through an agent… It makes learning how to publish a book difficult. Not to mention, going through all that work to land an agent does not mean they will accept the book for publication. However, on the notion the manuscript is opened, it’s unlikely that the book will be published and sold in bookstores. 

The decision of which publishing avenue is right for the author and their book is critical. But… good news! It’s no longer going to destroy a career if self-publishing or hybrid publishing is chosen. With the internet, new doors are opening all the time for authors to increase their publishing choices.  If you’re looking at a hybrid publishing option, Writer’s Publishing House is a great option!

Traditional Publishing

The traditional publishing route is done through large publishing companies, such as Simon & Schuster, Penguin, MacMillan, and others. Although getting in the door with one of these groups can be challenging, as they reject 98% of the manuscripts, they receive each year. Be prepared, the process could take years, and even then, it may never happen. On the plus side, if you can find a book agent and get accepted, you will most likely get a large cash payment upfront. Now, while they pay a great deal of the costs, design the cover, and format the interior, the tradeoff is you no longer have control over your content and royalties can be pennies on the dollar. However, the author stands an increased chance of becoming wildly famous. Just keep in mind traditional publishing has changed drastically.



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Hybrid Publishing

Hybrid publishing combines the advantages of traditional with self-publishing. By bringing the editing, design tools, and marketing together in one package. However, there will most likely be a nominal payment due upfront. While this option requires a financial commitment, you get the advantages of having experts handle the finalities of publishing and marketing your book. It is a great option for anyone who is uncomfortable or someone under time restraints and wants a quicker return on your investment.



Self-publishing can be a true “do-it-yourself” experience, should you desire. It can also be an assisted venture, as you have the freedom to contract help in areas you feel less confident, such as designing a book cover or copyediting. The self-publishing path requires you to be responsible for every facet of the book, from inception to proofing the first printed copy. You will be the writer, marketer, and salesperson. It is the least expensive way to publish, yielding the most control to the author, and can be very lucrative, if done correctly. However, to be successful, any author must spend money to professionally edit and market their book.

If you have questions on the different publishing, please contact us at Writers Publishing House, we would be happy to help. Our services cover everything from ghostwriting, editing, graphic design, publishing, and marketing. lizzy@gwm.services




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