The Options Secret by Alan Asp
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The Options Secret – Synopsis

The Options Secret by Alan Asp

The Options Secret

My name is Alan Asp, I am a visionary who likes to think outside the box. It is my personal belief that someone will use my systems and become a Millionaire one day. However, be aware these systems are not for the faint of heart. The core systems will test anyone’s commitment, and drive you to embrace them or run from the pressure. As a trader, I found it’s more important to learn how this complex system of trading and investing works. As a matter of fact, the so-called experts most times do not know how it works, or how ‘The Options Secret’ works. Instead, I hear the same thing; it’s risky, just stay away.

The Options Secret by Alan Asp


It amazes me to see how we get so brainwashed that getting a 5% return is considered great when many stocks move 15% in a day. Trading is following systems that work for you and repeating them daily. It is about discipline, following rules and setting stop losses to control losses and rules to let your winner run. My goal is to educate you on what I have learned, and my knowledge has come from some of the best in the business. If you are wondering how, it’s possible to share a lifetime of learning in one book, my lessons are based on the mistakes I made in hopes you won’t make the same. The information I am providing works amazingly well. Foremost, I want to say that trading is an art of opposites. Rarely do things go the way you think, but then contrary to the way you think. 

                    I read that a brilliant trader once said, “I wrote down all my trades and then did the opposite and did much better.”

This has been the case for almost anyone in trading at some point. I wish to give you things that continuously work. No plan is foolproof; however, I came across some things that were pretty close. 

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