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The Boy Who Couldn’t Talk

Anna Elizabeth Judd


Anna provides it all as if you are in the saddle along for the journey. Her rare books bring the readers joy from nearly every genre they can appreciate.

The Boy Who Couldn’t Talk, the story of Haystack a young foal born with an innate talent, he has yet to find out. In a tragic barn fire Libby, Haystack’s mother dies. Amid the chaos, he learns what a true relationship with God means. As time progresses, Haystack meets Adam, The Boy Who Couldn’t Talk. They develop an incredible bond that shows Haystack’s true reason for living.

Haystack and his barn companions; Boots the dog and Specs the rooster experience all the thrilling adventures in life, while they heal from the tragic loss of their friends.

A solid publishing firm with more than a decade of assisting clients will their publishing needs. She had a BA in fine arts, with a minor in Equine Science. On the side, she studied at Scottsdale Art Institute under Robert ‘Shoofly’ Shufelt. Lizzy writes books, which considering this website, makes perfect sense. She is best known for ghostwriting various best sellers in all genres. Literary Agent Along with her own novels based on the initial part of her working career, horse training. As she understands the importance of family values, Lizzy chose a pen name borrowed from her family tree, Anna Elizabeth Judd.