What Are You Going To Do The Rest Of Your Life? 

Purposed Survivor ARE YOU READY TO BE FREE AGAIN FROM THE HORRORS OF ABUSE? A Program Designed for Abuse Survivors. 12-Phase Mind Power……

Today is A Blank Canvass





12- Steps to Restoration


Many Of Us Are Afraid Of Failing, But We Have Been Failing All Our Lives, So If You Look At What You Have Overcome… The Promises Of Prosperity We Take Over


Getting Out Alive is a simple guide to assist domestic abuse victims in finding their way to freedom. We understand the chaos that runs rampant in your life at this point, and the idea of restoration seems impossible. However, there is hope. We urge you to read the contents of this book thoroughly and examine every option and outlet to restoring freedom in your life. Help is available, you are not alone.

Chapter Homework

Questions and Answers (Yes or No)

Discerning the Signs

Do You:

  1.   1. Feel afraid of your partner much of the time?
  2.   2. Avoid certain topics out of fear of angering your partner?
  3.   3. Feel that you cannot do anything right for your partner?
  4.   4. Believe that you deserve to be hurt or mistreated?
  5.   5. Wonder if you are the one who is crazy?
  6.   6. Feel emotionally numb or helpless?

Does Your Partner:

  1.   1. Humiliate, criticize, or yell at you?
  2.   2. Treat you so 
  3.        badly that you are embarrassed for your family and friends to see it?
  4.   3.  Ignore or put down your opinions and accomplishments?
  5.   4. Blame you for their abusive behavior?
  6.   5. See you as property or a sex object, rather than as a person?




Survivor basics front cover

Welcome to the Purposed Survivor 12 Phases to Restoration Program. The Initial Beginnings book is a discussion of the 12 Mind Power Phases. We all came into this program seeking restoration from an abusive situation. In this case, we understand the commonalities of each person’s accounts, but written or verbal, no one individual’s restoration is the same. Our hope is that you will find a sense of peace and freedom from the restoration process. We pray you will find a complete guide to living your life without existing in the ramifications of domestic abuse.

In What Way It Works


“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.” Henry David Thoreau

The information in Survivor Basics is based on individual accounts of others who have overcome the debilitating effects of domestic abuse. We bring restoration to our own lives when we share the message of hope to others.

            The chapters in this book are written to help Purposed Survivors in the process of restoration. While Purposed Survivor was designed to inspire anyone who seeks restoration, ultimately the choice falls upon each person to pursue success. However, these words are only meant as a guide, not the final word on the restoration process. 

On this day:

“I will take an inventory of the achievements in my life, taking care not to disregard any accomplishments, no matter how small, remembering success can only be achieved with consistency.”


The purpose of restoration is simply living free from the ramifications of domestic abuse. If you are willing to make an effort to find the solution to freedom, then these are the basic steps you must take to find freedom.

We sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God as we understood Him. In this process, we may encounter a spiritual awakening… one that will change the course of our lives forever. 

Planning a life free from abuse is not something anyone should consider. Abuse of any kind is unacceptable. However, there are some questions you may want to ask yourself. 

What is Restoration?


The purpose of restoration is simply to live free from the ramifications of domestic abuse. If you are willing to make an effort to find the solution to freedom, then these are the basic steps you must take to find freedom.



Purposed Survivor was designed with only one intention in mind, freedom. The ability to live free from a life consumed by domestic abuse, however, each person must be shown the way to seek out this restoration process for themselves. With compassion, purpose, and love for another member, we can achieve that goal. (The word restoration means to return something to its proper owner or place, or to give somebody new strength or vigor.) The Twelve Mind Power Phases of the Purposed Survivor are a guide meant to move you along the path of restoration.

Each chapter includes a narrative followed by a list of questions. The narrative is intended to evoke thought about the questions. The narrative is written in the voice of “we” while the questions are written to promote personal opinions on the content. The 12 Step Working Guide is a companion book to Initial Beginnings, which is a more in-depth version of the 12 Phases.

The narrative or questions are at your disposal; add to these guides, delete from them, or use them as they are. It’s up to you. The only real way to inappropriately use these guides is to use them alone.

Purposed Survivor Additional Books

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  •   • Survivor Basics
  •   •  Initial Beginnings
  •   •  12 Step Guide to Restoration
  •   •  Get Hired – 30-day Guide to Finding a Job
  •   • The Broken Angel
  •   •  IAM – A Guide to Self-Realization
  •   •  I’m Free – A Guide to Living Free

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Mind Power Phase One:

“We Admitted We Were Powerless to Our Abuser- and the Life We Lived Was Unmanageable.”


Section One – Faith:  What you are firm about in your thinking, you are firm about in your faith.  


At first glance of the past, we may look upon it and see destruction or failure, and the idea of success or survival is hidden from sight. The fear, worry, and anguish have taken over every thought process we have. It’s only at this time that we can truly see the light of day; our past and present must meet in the middle, so to speak, for clarity of our current fate. 

Only after we recognize the reality of our situation can we acknowledge the outcome of our current way of life. If we continue in this fashion, there can only be an ending of sadness or death. Therefore, we must find the strength to leave. This is a point in our life, however, that the highest danger resides. But we must learn to acknowledge that the only way to find restoration is to leave. 

Preparation for departure is not always an option, sometimes it occurs in the spur of the moment, and we rely only on instinct to guide us to safety. It’s after we leave and the reality of our lives becomes clear that we pursue flawed reasoning why we should return. At these times, we must cease any immediate action and remain calm and never lose our purpose for the choice we made. 

In this step, we learn the true meaning of strength, endurance, and persistence. Strength is more than just a physical characteristic, it’s a state of mind in both health and conscious thought. People who suffer from many alignments are not always organically sick; their lack of strength comes from mental, emotional, or spiritual weakness. 

By working through this step, we find the solution to where strength comes from and how we endured surviving in such turmoil. It’s only after working through these steps that we can understand the nature of our existence. We begin to understand the problems we faced were not always of our own doing, nor were we to blame for the abuse we endured. 

Each step is designed to guide us to restoration.  Read and answer each question below with an open mind and honesty. Find someone to assist you if necessary, and be proud of the progress you have made in your life. 

  2.   1. What does abuse mean to me?
  3.   2. Does my thinking follow a pattern?
  4.   3. Do I behave compulsively to avoid confrontation?
  5.       A. In what ways?
  6.   4. What thoughts do I act on without thinking of my actions?
  7.   5. Are these actions related to avoiding continued confrontations?


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Prescott, Arizona 86334

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