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Purposed Survivor – 12 Step Program

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Welcome to the Purposed Survivor 12 Steps to Restoration Program. The book series is a simple guide to assist the Domestic Abuse Victim in finding their way to freedom. We understand the chaos that runs rampant in your life at this point, and the idea of Restoration seems impossible. 

There is Hope!

Lizzy Mcnett

We urge you to read the contents of the four books thoroughly and examine every option and outlet to restoring freedom in your life. Help is available you are not alone. The contents of these books will give you some guidelines for understanding the signs of Domestic Abuse; along with tips on seeking law enforcement help.  Inside are the key actions to help keep yourself and children safe while Getting Out Alive and beyond. Remember, these are only guidelines, but people who have survived the ramifications of Domestic Abuse and achieved Restoration organized the Purposes Survivor Program.



PS exists to support any individual who seeks freedom from the ramifications of domestic abuse. We carry a conscious contact with a loving Higher  Power who guides our program and the members involved.

This community –based nonprofit partners resources, advocacy, and capacity for building increased effectiveness and expanded services to meet the increasing needs of our members.

This program  envisions healthy self-sufficient individuals whose physical, emotional and spiritual needs are met by participating in regular 12 Step meetings,  provided by the Purposed Survivor Organization. The Principles instilled by working this program lead dependent people toward economic independence.


Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of all our traditions, ever reminding us to place principles before personalities.” 

Many PS members identify themselves in meetings by their first name only. The spirit of anonymity is about placing “principles before personalities” and recognizing that no individual Survivor is superior to another, and that individual Survivors do not recover without the program or its spiritual principles.

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