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Bella Cruz

Please fire me! i can't stand my boss

Bella’s Bio:

Amazon International #1 Bestselling Author | Award-Winning Global Speaker| Certified Six Sigma Black Belt | 25 Years’ Corporate Experience | Master’s Degree | Philanthropist


Leaders and supervisors… are you tired of:

  •   • High employee turnover
  •   • Poor communication with your employees
  •   •  Lack of employee engagement and morale
  •   •  Lack of accountability & trust in the workplace
  •   •  Paying costly penalties due errors, low productivity, and employees not knowing their jobs
  •   • Not knowing what customers are really saying about your products and services

Discover in Please Fire Me! I Can’t Stand My Boss…

  •   • High Performance Coaching Tools that can help your teams perform at greater levels of productivity
  •   • 25 years’ experience of results-driven corporate leadership coaching
  •   • Real life scenarios and “Dos & Don’ts” guide to build relationships and job satisfaction so employees like their jobs
  •   • 7 secrets to help leaders & supervisors create a high trust culture of accountability in the workplace to… TRANSFORM YOUR BOTTOM LINE!


A portion of Bella’s book sales go to charity and her local food bank.

George Mansour

unhackable - your online security playbook

George is an innovator who is liberating the next generation of
technology leaders.

Inciting the People to Change Perceptions

George’s mission is to bring awareness to the world of technology and how it is affecting us as humans. Instead, we’re caught in algorithms that track our every move.

Turning Apprentices into Leaders
The Unhackable mindset will give you the keys to become a confident technology user who understands how to take control.


Terrified about identity theft and data breaches? Discover a foolproof method to protect your information and get online with peace of mind.
Are you worried about your family members getting scammed or hacked? Want to keep your computers and phones protected with iron-clad security? Cyber security expert George Mansour has helped individuals and businesses protect their data for over 15 years. Now he’ll share his simple system for safeguarding your valuable digital life.


Unhackable provides you with a unique Cyber security strategy that combines user psychology and easy-to-apply techniques that teach you how to become your own strongest line of defense. Informative and insightful, Mansour uses anecdotes, professional experience, and step-by-step procedures to make protecting your personal data as easy as hitting the power button.

Dale Brunner

becoming a rainbow surfer - lumino city

Clancy and the Rainbow Surfer Gang

Lumino City is a fantastical adventure series for young adults in learning how to become a rainbow surfer. It teaches the art of intentional living one adventure at a time, and how to navigate life challenges successfully. 

Join Clancy and the Rainbow Surfer Gang as they learn the magic of surfing a rainbow. In the inner world of Lumino City, Clancy and his friends apply their thoughts and emotions to live their lives deliberately. 

“Quite often I am asked what books I suggest for children to read that will help them in their development to supplement their classroom schooling. One such book I strongly recommend is Rainbow Surfers. It’s a book that reads like a Harry Potter adventure… kinda cool … and conveys a strong positive message with a very entertaining, fun and intriguing story line. Not to mention a noble mission of world peace. A must read in today’s challenging times. Even though it’s a children’s book, when I read it as an adult, I found myself unable to stop turning to the next page.” ~ Jack Canfield, Co-author of the #1 New York Times bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul® series and The Success Principles™   

Donal E. James
Elizabeth Hamilton
Joseph A. Bockerstette

how strategic process management drives competitive advantage

Seasoned Executive and Consulting Partner with more than 30 years of experience as a CEO, supply chain and process improvement professional, and private equity and angel investor. Began career with PricewaterhouseCoopers, where I was the firm’s lead consulting Partner in Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Supply Chain . Subsequently led two CPG companies, before co-founding a private equity firm in 2000. In 2006, co- founded the Main Street Venture Fund, a regional angel pledge fund. BS degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Cincinnati, and an MBA from Xavier University.

Served as the Board Chair of the National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS), co-founded the Down Syndrome Association of Northeast Indiana (DSANI) and have also served as a director on a variety of public, private and non-profit boards.

Strategic Process Management (SPM) goes beyond traditional Business Process Management to redesign enterprise management around workflow, incorporating a systematic development, design, and improvement methodology that is integrated with enterprise strategic planning to deliver sustainable competitive advantage. Since 1993, SPM has been field-tested in over 300 enterprises across a wide variety of enterprise sizes, shapes, and industries. This book lays out a comprehensive understanding of SPM, including how to re-organize around workflow, how to implement sustainable improvement, how to measure what matters most, how to manage change, and how to achieve the substantial benefits Strategic Process Management can bring to the enterprise.

Enterprises make substantial investments in facilities, information technology, people, knowledge, and equipment to provide resources for enterprise operation. These resources enable the production of solutions (products and services) that deliver the firm’s value proposition. What is typically missing, however, is a comparable investment in business processes and workflow management. Because of this weakness, those other resources are less productive and enterprise performance significantly suffers.

Actively managing workflows provides improved outcomes that directly impact competitiveness. When the focus is shifted to a workflow-based enterprise view with a commitment to building strong business processes, leadership will see benefits that include focused accountability, greater customer value, cost savings, increased productivity, revenue growth, lead-time reduction, improved quality, and strategic alignment, all within a framework that makes it strategically sustainable.

Strong business processes drive enterprise performance. For the first time, Strategic Process Management lays out a comprehensive methodology that teaches leadership how to harvest the hidden value process management and corporate strategy together can deliver.

Process maps, like SOP’s, document what work is completed. More importantly, unlike procedures, process maps drive continuous improvement throughout the whole organization. By engaging staff to define processes creates stakeholder ownership and pushes process thinking to become an integral part of the organization’s culture. The people who do the work define the work, including subject matter experts fully integrating critical knowledge into the processes. Process mapping provides the opportunity for drastic simplification and improvement, builds the foundation for key business initiatives, and eliminates traditional organizational boundaries to create a seamless enterprise. Best practice is established on a global scale where enterprise performance management, resources, and strategy are fully aligned.

Anna Elizabeth Judd

the western novelis

Anna provides it all, as if you yourself are in the saddle along for the journey. You don’t need to be a horseman to like Anna to get the full picture of how life in the Old Frontier use to be…she affords that through her incredible story-telling!

Alborz Azar

The truth author

Alborz Azar is a novelist who imagines himself as a character in his books. His novels focus on delivering the message of love to the readers. His heroines are optimists, and the stories are resolved in a manner that leaves the reader with a feeling of hope and happy expectation. But his favorite topic rests on exposing scams by the media; this first series exposes major scams by the Indian Government and Hudco. Alborz feels strongly about his quest about exposing the scams.

Brian Jay Nelson

the western novelis

Brian was born and raised in Erie Pennsylvania, and has been involved in some capacity of writing since a very young age. After graduating from Penn State University, he lived several years in North Carolina and then Florida, where he presently resides. His accomplishments cover a wide spectrum from writing Psychology Textbooks, several essays on Metaphysics, articles on health and fitness, songwriting, and screenplays. He is also the author of The Balanced Journey, a common sense guide to living from a Spiritual and Metaphysical point of view. (Amazon Publishing, 2012).

Purposed Survivor

the western novelis

The purpose of restoration is simply living free from the ramifications of domestic abuse. If you are willing to make an effort to find the solution to freedom, then these are the basic steps you must take to find freedom.

We sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God as we understood Him. In this process, we may encounter a spiritual awakening… one that will change the course of our lives forever.

Planning a life free from abuse is not something anyone should consider. Abuse of any kind is unacceptable. However, there are some questions you may want to ask yourself.

Alan Asp

the options secret

In Conclusion, Options are not for everyone. I like Options because I like a high reward. I am not happy with a 10% return I want a 100% to 1,000% return. It has risks but risks that can be mitigated. If you have time and a little Money Options may be for you. I would never recommend spending more than you can lose.  I would also recommend looking for a sure thing.

Stop Trading to Trade.

If you do not take time to come up with a plan then you will ultimately fail.

My name is Alan Asp, I am a visionary who likes to think outside the box. It is my personal belief that someone will use my systems and become a Millionaire one day. However, be aware these systems are not for the faint of heart. The core systems will test anyone’s commitment, and drive you to embrace them or run from the pressure. As a trader, I found it’s more important to learn how this complex system of trading and investing works. As a matter of fact, the so-called experts most times do not know how it works, or how ‘The Options Secret’ works. Instead, I hear the same thing; it’s risky, just stay away.

It amazes me to see how we get so brainwashed that getting a 5% return is considered great when many stocks move 15% in a day. Trading is following systems that work for you and repeating them daily. It is about discipline, following rules and setting stop losses to control losses and rules to let your winner run. 

My goal is to educate you on what I have learned, and my knowledge has come from some of the best in the business. If you are wondering how, it’s possible to share a lifetime of learning in one book, my lessons are based on the mistakes I made in hopes you won’t make the same. The information I am providing works amazingly well. Foremost, I want to say that trading is an art of opposites. Rarely do things go the way you think, but then contrary to the way you think. 

                   I read that a brilliant trader once said, “I wrote down all my trades and then did the opposite and did much better.”

This has been the case for almost anyone in trading at some point. I wish to give you things that continuously work. No plan is foolproof; however, I came across some

Larry Shcroeder

facing fear

The title was perfect; the occurrence connected me with her on a spiritual level, unlike anything I had ever experienced. So, in essence, Evelyn named her own book. As I have learned, she faced fear every day of her life. I am not sure why Evelyn sought me out to tell her story to the world, but I am honored to have been the one she chose.

Facing Fear depicts the true story of Evelyn (Billie) Frechette, the beloved companion of John Dillinger. The unyielding violence that ravaged the Native American Race made survival extremely dangerous. As society fought to overcome the Great Depression, Evelyn tried to make ends meet by taking work wherever it presented itself.

Evelyn, like many young Native Americans, was forcibly taken to an Indian Boarding School in South Dakota. She spent much of the next ten years learning Christianity. Western Culture believed it was necessary to civilize the Indians, thereby saving the man inside.

Evelyn’s only relative that did not live on the reservation at the time was her sister Anna, who lived in Chicago, Illinois. On the trip from South Dakota, traveling alone, hitchhiking when possible, she was brutally attacked and raped.

In the aftermath of the forcible violation, doctors informed Evelyn she was pregnant. At twenty-one, she gave birth to a baby boy who was severely handicapped because of a syphilis infection. The deformities left him impaired, forcing Evelyn to leave him in the care of the Brooks Baby Farm. Authorities later suspected that Brooks let poor babies die or even had them killed, that he buried them in the woods behind the main house. One of the graves held the remains of Evelyn’s baby boy, hence the nickname Billie.

One evening while out with her girlfriends ‘cabereting,’ she met a man named Jack Harris. The relationship grew into something incredible, but in the end, Evelyn served time for harboring a criminal. After her release, she wrote a booklet about her experience. It sold for twenty-five cents. Facing Fear reveals the hidden life of Evelyn Frechette, John Dillinger’s girlfriend. An incredible woman who faced the unthinkable.

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