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Please Fire Me! I Can’t Stand My Boss – Synopsis

Please Fire Me! I Can't Stand My Boss

An employee who is highly emotional in an HR office screams, “Please Fire Me! I Can’t Stand My Boss. It’s torture coming to work every day! Yet, at another company, I hear another employee say to his supervisor that he “would take a bullet for her!”

This is just an expression isn’t it, but both powerful statements are coming from employees that work for supervisors with two different leadership styles.

When employees are having issues with their supervisor, they’re probably not going to say anything for fear of retribution. But they’ve talked to Bella! How? With 25+ years’ experience as an executive coach and master facilitator conducting face-to-face interviews, surveys, and countless leadership & employee workshops. From this feedback, Bella has identified the top ten accountability standards of behaviors that can help supervisors create and promote a high-trust culture of accountability in the workplace.  

  • Discover the DO’s and DON’TS of an accountability leader to boost employee engagement, motivate and connect with your employees to enhance relationships
  • Increase personal and peer accountability in the workplace
  • Accelerate team performance for greater levels of productivity
  • Increase business growth and revenue to exceed your business strategic goals
  • Use as a reference when developing competencies, SOPs, performance reviews, strategic business goals
  • Use for training new and existing leaders


Whether you work for or own a small company or a large global one, work in technology, construction, healthcare, government, military, financial, consumer or business products or services, retail, security or transportation, etc., this book can help leaders and supervisors create and sustain a positive high-trust accountability culture to increase personal responsibility in the workplace



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