No Second Chances

No Second Chances

No Second Chances offer insight into the life of Army Brat Savanna Jones. While she seeks the truth behind her father’s death, it reveals hidden talents she never expected. Jones decides to join the military disobeying a wish of her dead father because she needs to feel safe after a life-altering incident. The complete helplessness collapses her into a profound depression, as the choice puts stress on the relationship with her mother. In the aftermath of a traumatic argument, Savanna disavows any connection with her mother for many years.


A tumultuous relationship with her drill sergeant brings forth the hidden knowledge she seeks to answer. However, during their last combat mission before graduating basic training, Savanna faces yet another situation that could be the difference between life and death. A fellow recruit becomes more than just a colleague when their relationship turns intimate; unbeknown to her he is hiding a fatal secret that causes another recruit’s death. The Savanna Jones series begins with No Second Chances followed by two other books that complete succession.

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