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No Second Chances – Synopsis

No Second Chances

Author Thea Hill brings us a slight glimpse of army life in the Savana Jones Series. No Second Chances is one of the best-selling military drama books of 2021.

No Second Chances by Thea Hill

No Second Chances

Savanna Jones Series
by Thea Hill
Aftermaths of Who Did IIT and I Didd It by Alborz Azar

Alborz finds his passion for writing in the third book, AFTERMATHS OF WHO DID IIT AND I DIDD IT when Pantea walks out of his life. The messages come from his experience with the girl and the love for his wife. Alborz continues to support Pantea financially, but otherwise, he faces the reality that she may truly be gone forever.

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Pavan Sachdeva - MS Shoes Fall Series
Author Alborz Azar

Alborz Azar is an English novelist-book writer currently residing in the USA working on his fifth romance novel along with a series on Land Scams in India.

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anna elizabeth judd the western novelist
Author Anna Elizabeth Judd

Anna provides it all as if you are in the saddle along for the journey. Her rare books bring the readers joy from nearly every genre they can appreciate.

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A tumultuous relationship with her drill sergeant brings forth the hidden knowledge she seeks to answer. However, during their last combat mission before graduating basic training, Savanna faces yet another situation that could be the difference between life and death. A fellow recruit becomes more than just a colleague when their relationship turns intimate; unbeknown to her he is hiding a fatal secret that causes another recruit’s death. The Savanna Jones series begins with No Second Chances followed by two other books that complete succession.

A solid publishing firm with more than a decade of assisting clients will their publishing needs. She had a BA in fine arts, with a minor in Equine Science. On the side, she studied at Scottsdale Art Institute under Robert ‘Shoofly’ Shufelt.Lizzy writes books, which considering this website, makes perfect sense. She is best known for ghostwriting various best sellers in all genres. Literary AgentAlong with her own novels based on the initial part of her working career, horse training. As she understands the importance of family values, Lizzy chose a pen name borrowed from her family tree, Anna Elizabeth Judd.

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