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Branchview by Brian Jay Nelson

The Epic Showdown – Synopsis

In this passage of the Branchview series, Steven and Loraine continue their seemingly endless battle with witchcraft and the evil doings of the Secret Society. Simultaneously, they also take on the arduous tasks of unraveling the many related mysteries and dark secrets of the Great House that surface constantly, and almost without warning.

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Delhi Andrews Ganj Land Scam

Delhi Andrews Ganj Land Scam

In the HUDCO Scam Series by Alborz Azar, he reveals land scams over the last twenty-five years that will go down as mind-boggling in India’s history. The Great Land Grab involves the transfer of agriculture between urban land and corporate giants, all fighting to secure power over the most precious lands in India. In this book, Andrews Ganj Land is in the heart of New Delhi.

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Pavan Sachdeva - MS Shoes Fall Series

MS Shoes Fall – By Alborz Azar

In the MS Shoes Fall Series by Alborz Azar, he reveals another side of Pavan Sachdeva. After the completion of the HUDCO Scam series, Alborz decided it was time to shed light on the man who had spent twenty-five years defending his innocence along with exposing the many scams in India.

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