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IPublish – Indie Author Publishing/Marketing Guide


IPublish - Indie Author Publishing/Marketing Guide

As more Indie Authors move to self-publishing, rather than depend on traditional publishing methods, they are responsible for choosing the best distribution and self-promotion platforms possible.

The task can seem daunting, but IAuthor lays out numerous options to help overcome the hurdles many Indie Authors face when completing the publishing process.

The author guide includes options such as,

  • Ingram Spark vs Amazon
  • What is BookVault
  • What are barcodes
  • ISBNs Imprints
  • What are copyright laws
  • Book formatting
  • Alternative Media Author sites
  • Independent Author sites for publishing discounts

While Indie Authors see tremendous benefits financially by self-publishing, many struggle with marketing their books. The options to promote your book are endless. However, each writer must find the niche that best fits their needs. In this case, self-published authors must become the CEO of your new business; writing books.

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