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Writers Publishing House has been making authors great since 2007. We put you in charge of your publishing path, while helping you every step of the way.

Writers Publishing House has over a decade experience with full-service publishing services. We offer:

  •                *  A publication package customized to your book
  •                *  A personal liaison who will guide you throughout the process
  •                *  Editing, illustration and cover design, and book production
  •                *  Pre-defined promotion targeting specific outlets and media
  •                *  Book distribution and order fulfillment

Publication via Writers Publishing House imprint is a perfect choice; the author looking for a complete, high quality, personal publishing program that leverages the expertise of publishing professionals.

We were founded on solid values, giving authors’ different publishing options that mimic traditional full-service publishing with Hybrid packages for self-publishing print on demand services.

We are a Hybrid Publishing Company

A Team Effort
Writers Publishing House was founded to meet the growing needs of authors in response to the unreliable nature of traditional publishing options. Our goal is to put authors in control of the book publishing process while help them achieve success on their own terms.

In our 15 years, we have helped writers become published authors. We want to help you too.

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Publishing Made Easy

For 15 years, Writers Publishing House has helped make writers into published authors. With industry-leading publishing packages crafted from the largest selection of options and services available, we can help you find a package that’s right for you.


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Writers Publishing House understands that many new authors are curious about the publicity process and what it takes to make a new book launch successful. We can help ease those worries…..

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Services to fit every need and pricing to satisfy any budget Our publishing packages are tailored to the needs of authors just like you. We bundle world-class services to help you achieve your publishing goals.

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Free Consultation to discuss your project Step-by-step advice (free) Ghostwriting and editing Personalized, one-on-one service Instruction on completing the writing and editing process

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Graphic Design

In 2020 Writers Publishing House celebrated over a decade of assisting our authors. Since the dawn of time, humans have sought to leave their mark on the world. It started with cave painting, to scrolls in the middle ages, and digital books in the modern era.

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Literary Translations

Tell your story around the world with our excellent literary translations. Get accurate, culturally relevant, localized movie script translations and book translations, in any language. Our literary translation experts deliver film, book, and magazine translations that your international audiences will love.

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Press Releases

Share Your Story & Reach New Audiences With The Industry's Largest Distribution Network. Leverage Our Full Suite Of Services To Magnify Communications Success. Monitor Media. Boost Visibility. Streamline PR. Expand Reach. Increase Engagement. Generate Earned Media.

Professional Author Services
Marketing Your Book

“Okay, so Writers Publishing House can publish my book, but what about marketing?”


We’re already a step ahead. Marketing and selling your book are vital to your publishing journey. Our marketing and bookselling services help you get your book in front of the readers it was written for.

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