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Since the Dawn of Time Humans Have Left Their Mark on Cave Walls. We Have an Innate Desire to Leave A Legacy of Our Lives for Others to Witness.


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  •  Fiction Books  * Non-Fiction Books * Business Professional Items * Press Release * Article Writing * Writing Contracts *  Personal Bio’s * Business Flyers Ad Copy Content Writing * Business Profiles Business Presentations * Creative Writing

Services Include-

Editing/Proofreading (Comprehensive editing, Grammar Editing)


Manuscript Formatting

Ebook Creation

Writers Coaching

Author Team Coaching

Online World-Wide Distribution thru Ingram Spark and Amazon

Cover Design (if requested) ebook – paperback and hardcover (if requested)

Interior formatting – paperback and hardcover

Print ready files – help create publishing account and upload completed files

One-One communication – email, text, phone calls, zoom meetings

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Author Anna Elizabeth Judd

Anna Elizabeth Judd – The Western Novelist Editorial Review Anna provides it all as if you are in the saddle along for the journey. Her rare books bring the readers joy from nearly every genre they can appreciate. She exuberantly brings the image and sentiments of the west to full life…

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The Importance of Relationships Book

The Bible says, “I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me,” Philippians 4:13. These components that decrease the value of life or relationships, in general, are similar to lack of communication, trust, care, commitment, knowledge, faith, and the lack of a true relationship with the Most High God.

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Hello, My name is Lizzy McNett. The process of hiring a ghostwriter should not seem like a daunting task. However, it is important to have an idea of what your project will entail. Once you have created a plan than finding someone to write the book will be much easier. Beware, the experience can create somewhat of an intimate relationship. Therefore, hiring a writer with skills to complete the book, plus establish a compatible connection is highly important. In most cases, every writer will vary, and a set process that works for them.

At that point, the project specifications will depend on the books genre, topic and end result. Any non-fiction books the author should provide the writer with any necessary information to write the book, along with guidelines on the necessary research for the project. It is best to create a detailed outline and index of chapter titles broken down into individual sections and topics.

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  • Is the book non-fiction or fiction?
  • What are your plans after the book is completed?
  • Do you have an idea on the book topic, genre, etc.?
  • What is your timeframe?
  • Do you plan to help write the book, or will the ghostwriter write the whole book?
  • Do you have an idea of how long the book might be?