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As a highly successful Real Estate Investor for the last twenty years, Chayo understands the key to success comes through life experience; for that reason, he assists clients in procuring their prosperous future and breaking the chains of financial distress. In 2000 he quit his last job as a Youth Counselor to procure a solid financial future for himself and his family. Committed to educating individuals of all cultures, Chayo originally sought to teach English as a Second Language (ESL) in the Peace Corps. The travel offered him the opportunity to visit a large variety of countries.  He completed his Masters in Public Administration from California State University, San Bernardino. He is a doctoral student at Grand Canyon University perusing his Doctorate in Education in Organizational Leadership. 

An experienced investor and an expert in business development, negotiation, foreclosures, short sales, and credit restoration, Chayo established the ideology of Briggs & Lay Pro Inc. in 1999, creating a successful real estate investment company that specializes in a multitude of real estate services, with the aim and mission to locate, purchase and rehabilitate distressed properties and then resell the property for market value.  

Your Credit Defines Your Creditability

Your Credit Defines Your Creditability
Su crédito define su credibilidad: La composición genética del crédito (Spanish Edition)

Financial Advisor

As Chayo is dedicated to helping investors gain interest on their money, his company’s strategy has been to invest low and increase its capital value by 85%. By primarily investing in income-producing properties and development opportunities throughout the United States, Briggs and his enterprises have consistently gained the trust of clients.

Besides the multitude of real estate services, Briggs is an effective motivational speaker and published author. He has experienced various levels of human culture elevating him to expert status and skill to help people overcome their credit issues. His company’s mission is to educate the minority community to create a passive income. However, there are several key factors necessary for maintaining good credit. One option Chayo stresses to his clients is investing in a home where their money defines value.  

Born in Compton, California, Briggs’s inner drive for success was set in motion early on by his parents. The family is of West Indian descent, where they stressed the importance of education and personal achievement. Chayo is writing a book titled, ‘A Multi-Cultural Family Struggles Against Economics’ and ‘Racism & Social Hardships.’ Briggs and Lay Pro Inc., rehabs properties and rents them to tenants on Section 8, plus those who receive assistance under the Housing Choice Voucher Program as well as to military families relocating.  

Do you want good credit?

Chayo grew up in a military family and spoke Korean and Creole; his stepmom was from the Philippines. Raised within the strictures of Filipino culture, Briggs learned the (Tagalog) language and embraced the concept of Kapwa, which emphasized “unity of self and others” and a sense of “fellow being,” he also learned to understand and speak the Spanish language due to his school environment making Briggs multilingualism. To fulfill his dreams of becoming an accomplished American business magnate, Briggs observed the teachings of entrepreneurial successes and real estate gurus like Hubert Humphrey, John Beck, Dave Lindahl, Dr. Ervin Briggs Sr., Regina Littles, Carlton Sheets, Eric Estrada, Robert Kiyosaki, Robert Allen, Donald Trump, Russ Whitney, Charissa Cawley, and Armando Montelongo.

Dr. Credit King Credit App

The Dr. Credit King app helps guide users in repairing their credit score. It offers a variety of tools, to help users understand, improve, and avert credit threats, all right from your mobile device. Your Credit Defines Your Credibility, therefore, Dr. Credit King wants to make sure your credit is reported fairly and accurately.

Other app options allow online businesses to list their services one annual fee, list rental properties, or sale listings, consumer resource sites, the credit forum to ask credit questions, schedule appointments with Dr. Credit King, purchase paid legal contracts, the latest news on building good credit from Dr. Credit King/Chayo Briggs, or buy Dr. Credit King’s books to educate consumers on the fundamentals of credit and the importance of their creditability.

The connect to the Credit Blog for the latest articles to catch up on trending credit news, real-estate opportunities, learn how to grow passive income, and build wealth through different investments. Not to mention, follow your Favorite Spotlight Credit Model and see how Dr. Credit King helped them with financial advice, as they moved forward with their modeling goals, acting, and financial careers. Subscribe on the website for the latest books from Dr. Credit King.

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