Author Package

Most people don’t realize it, but the average non-fiction book sells about 250 copies in its lifetime!  Imagine putting your sweat and tears into a book only for a couple hundred people to read the story.  Our step-by-step book launch works to overcome those odds. 

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Soft Launch



A 2-3 week period where we focus on getting your book 5 star Amazon verified reviews.  The process ensures, the author gets maximum exposure from the start.

Hard Launch

The process includes putting your book in front of thousands or perhaps millions of readers interested your book genre.


A Business Called Life – Synopsis

In life you will encounter many issues whether they pertain to relationships, employers, finances, marriage, health problems, or raising children, all are equally important and should be handled with a foundation based on business practices.

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The Options Secret by Alan Asp

The Options Secret – Synopsis

The core systems will test anyone’s commitment, and drive you to embrace them or run from the pressure. As a trader, I found it’s more important to learn how this complex system of trading and investing works.

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the process

We advertise your book worldwide on 60-70 different websites many of which get millions of viewers per month.  We write the ads, place the ads and pay for the ads for your campaign.

At the same time we write and launch three US based press releases during your hard launch week.  Each press release goes out to over 1000 media outlets with hundreds of them picking up your news.  Each media outlet has tens of thousands of viewers so the potential impact is enormous.

Lastly, we launch on social media to those interested in your topic.

The first step

Author Coaches

In just 30 minutes, we will help you get clear on the exact challenges you need to overcome to Publish, Promote, and Profit from your own book. If you’re a great fit for one of our marketing packages, we will help you explore your best options.