Sherrie J. Lyons

Sherrie J. Lyons grew up in Prescott, Arizona, and is a graduate of Arizona State University. She enjoys wordplay, the outdoors, and spending time with family and friends, especially her husband of more than forty years.

Sherrie has written works in a variety of genres. The Tragedy at Cambria is her first play. It was originally published in an online journal, the Oregon Literary Review. Her first novel, Luke’s Legacy, was a sci-fi/fantasy story written in the Star Wars universe. It was published on a fan-fiction website. She next penned The Macava, another sci-fi/fantasy novel. It won third place in an Arizona Authors Association writing contest but has not been published. Additionally, Sherrie has played with poetry. Some of her poems have been printed in journals and books. After a long hiatus, Sherrie wrote a coming-of-age novel, The Adventures of Miss Becky McCoy, which tells the story of a teen horse-whisperer in the 1880s. Look for it in early 2023.


Sherrie has written works in a variety of genres. The Tragedy at Cambria is her first play. It was originally published in an online journal, the Oregon Literary Review.


Sherrie J. Lyons


Published Books

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The Tragedy at Cambria

The Tragedy at Cambria, a three-act play written in rhyming iambic pentameter, tells a story of love, deception, and power. In the medieval kingdom of Cambria, aging King John faces a grave decision. His forebearers created extremely strict laws regarding unwed pregnancy, and now a sixteen-year-old girl, Plain Jane, is guilty of being with child. Either Jane or the baby must die.

At Queen Beatrice’s urging, King John assigns their teenage son and only heir, their beloved Prince Scott, to determine Jane’s fate as a test of his maturity, but what should be a simple task becomes complicated when the compassionate prince attempts various schemes to try to save both mother and child. As his plans go awry, the prince sinks into deep despair, and his odds for ascending the throne wane.

But Jane isn’t the only Cambrian who has been breaking morality laws. As infidelities are revealed that directly affect his family, King John must reconcile his knowledge with his position of power in order to save the future of his kingdom.


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