Lynn Kaylor

Lynn Kaylor wrote her first romance novella in middle school. Then real life took over, and she had a long career as a computer programmer for companies such as IBM, Blue Cross-Blue Shield, and Beech Aircraft. Later, she worked for an international ERP software company, traveling the world to help large manufacturers implement their systems. Lynn has retired from that now and has come back to her first love—writing romance.


Lynn Kaylor wrote her first romance story when she was in middle school. After a long career in software development for major global companies, she has retired and is back to writing romance. So far, her first three novels (which includes this one) have been triggered by real events in her sphere. Her next project is something entirely from imagination. We’ll see how that turns out….. –This text refers to the hardcover edition.


Published Books


The Counterfeit Lover

Zane Wilder’s wealthy family has an un-human nature that his parents have kept hidden from him. He’s Ademeni An Indweller. An Inhabiter. He can put on anyone’s body-male or female-and commit good or evil deeds using their identity, voice, fingerprints, and sperm or egg. 

Widowed Zane’s unknown monstrous capabilities are revealed to him in a dream at a time when his lifelong best friend Jessie needs what Zane can make happen. Jessie is close to dying because of alcoholism, and it’s crushing his wife’s heart. With his newfound ability, Zane can get Jessie out of the bars and at home to spend the evening with Rachel-making her happy and hopefully prolonging Jessie’s life. But when disguised as her husband, he must not use the powers to be intimate with her. The truth that stings Zane’s conscience is that deep in his heart, he knows he has long wanted Jessie’s girl.

Youre Going to Love Me

One Fine Day

You're Going to Love Me

one fine day your going to need me

One Fine Day

You're Going to Need Me

Matt Walker worked his way up to police chief in a small western town in Arizona, after retiring from Army Special Forces. Divorced for ten years, he hasn’t needed or wanted a personal life until the day he discovers a wrecked vehicle at the bottom of a ravine.

The sole occupant-widow Zeena Douglas-is trapped inside and unable to escape or call for help on a killer hot summer day. Showing signs of shock and heatstroke when he gets Zeena out of the vehicle, her behavior is funny and wildly inappropriate. She makes him laugh, blush, and think, my kind of woman.


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