Karen J. Keim

Karen Keim has been writing stories since she was 13 years old, following her father’s spare-time nightly and weekend compulsion. She taught the second grade for many years after getting her BA degree at UCSB in California. Working long-term on a memoir, she loves telling stories with historical settings, and always includes a romance within a social issue. Karen is married and lives in Prescott, Arizona. She practices yoga, tutors privately and enjoys hiking with her husband, Harry. Rubie, her Chihuahua-mix and her two Siamese (sisters) are all adopted and very much a major part of their family.

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Published Book

The Bison

The Great Western Expansion marked a bright “future America,” hope for a growing population of easterners, and small-town love. The annihilation of Native tribes, political corruption, and sudden discovery of the Arizona Territory’s Sheriff’s sixteen-year-old daughter.

In the burgeoning Prescott Town, Karen Keim takes us into the very unique 1890s.

The Bison tells the story of Luke Richmond who falls in love with the unique Renee Boudreau, the town schoolmarm. The arrival of his daughter overwhelms his world, changing both of their lives forever.

Their beautiful relationship of discovery and mutual respect is interrupted when his best friend Aditsan needs help. The Navajo chief has been threatened by a left-over Lieutenant from the American-Indian wars, which were quickly escalated by the Apache tribes. In aiding the man who saved his life once, he endangers his own.

What happens next precedes an ugly dilemma in our history on how our government “handled” the “Indian Problem”. A work of fiction, The Bison covers historical accuracies and social issues that plague our country over 100 years ago today. 


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