Duane Rice

Duane Rice recently moved to Arizona from Southern California, where he served as a deacon for twelve years. He served on the board of that church until closing its doors due to a lengthy ‘stay at home’ coronavirus. Over the past twenty-five years, he has compiled a series of biblically enhanced short stories. He is, most of all, the father of one beautiful daughter, Amy.


Published Books

The Story for All Seasons

Before the days of the remote control, which is a term no longer used in today’s high-tech jargon, we, as Americans, had to suffer through the infant stages of modern electronics, such as if we didn’t have children, we had to get up from the recliner to change the TV channel; when we entered the driveway, we had to get out of the car to raise the garage door; then—the “biggie”—when the phone rang, we would call out, “Would someone get the phone call!” That phone back then was tethered to its base, which was plugged into the wall receptacles, known as a “phone jack”.

            Using this analogy and spiritually speaking, our holidays have lost their true foundational roots. Even the true meaning of the word holiday has been lost from its intended term holy day.

            The holy days are divided into the four seasons of the year. Spring, summer, autumn, and winter contain the holy days we celebrate and their true meaning, which have suffered over the years.

            Most of these short stories are taken are from biblical accounts that had been labored at great lengths with the Holy Spirits to bring to you the reader these “true-life-fictional” accounts—accounts that are timeless biblically and can be reviewed over and over again by faith builders.


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Have you ever wondered how to go about learning to communicate with the spirit world? The opportunities are available in the most unusual places if you only look, and sometimes you will find them through the most unusual circumstances.

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my father and his buddy

My Father and His Buddy

My father and his buddy, Al, spent a few years mustanging during the summers in Eastern Oregon. It was a life of freedom and not much responsibility for two single guys. They captured and broke the young horses, then sold them to ranchers.

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Horse Crazy Gal

My earliest memories are all wrapped up around horses and as an extension of that, my father. He was a true-life horse trader; making his living and feeding his family by trading horses.

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Parents and Children Building Loving Relationships by Myrl Thompson

Parents and Children: Building Loving Relationships

Family ties are the ties that bind us to the past. And give us hope for the future. They are also the ties that take the greatest beating in life. Often frayed, dirty, and imperfectly woven, they still mold us; shape us in ways that are sometimes beyond understanding.

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