Azadeh Atzberger

I was completely lost and a foreigner to myself and God. I lived running from one addiction to another, whether it was a substance or a person, I never knew my worth and value was in Jesus Christ as His child. I lived running to or away from my sources of pain. I lived in…


            “This book is truly eye-opening! It openly and honestly exposes the deep damage done by narcissistic abuse. If you have ever experienced such abuse, there is Hope! This book is for you if you are ready to discover true healing that comes from the Love and Grace of God. This is a book that the world needs Now!” Davette Wheat, CCHT
Clinical Hypnotherapist, Author, and Life Path Coach

Did you grow up feeling like an object, a plant in the room that was just watered once a day? Were you shamed and shunned for having a feeling or a need? Were your thoughts and opinions rejected? Did you feel like a burden in your childhood??


Azadeh Atzberger

Finally Free Life Coach/Author

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Adult Children of Narcissistic Parents:

With GOD We Will Rise & Rebuild

Did you grow up feeling like an object, a plant in the room that was just watered once a day? Were you shamed and shunned for having a feeling or a need? Were your thoughts and opinions rejected? Did you feel like a burden in your childhood??

Many of us then struggle with multiple addictions and self-harming ways to soothe ourselves. We continually attract emotionally unavailable, or alcoholic and narcissistic partners and friends. And our need, even though we don’t want to admit it, is to be consistently validated.

You don’t have to walk with an orphan spirit anymore, you don’t have to feel less than others who have had healthy, loving up bringing, you can have a new father, GOD! You most certainly can heal your traumas and get up and out of your addictions. You can attract heathy, loving and nourishing relationships, but you must do the work! It is not going to be easy, it is messy, emotional, and 2 steps forward 3 steps back, but God will do the spiritual surgery if you show up, do the hard work and give it ALL to Him.


Using Food to Cope with Codependency:

Going Underground with Christ Jesus

We’ve all had losses. We have all been hurt, wronged, and treated unfairly. What we do with that inner pain will be the filter for our decisions and destiny. We can escape momentarily through eating and running to others to soothe us, or we can say enough is enough and meet Jesus in our deepest, most fragile place of injury. He can heal ANYTHING and ANYONE! He can go back in time to heal. He can show up in your deepest fears and turn those raging waters into calm rivers. When we find courage within ourselves and say YES to standing with Him, say YES to diving into those pockets in our soul where we hide from the world, He will faithfully meet us there and heal our pain.

Expect tears, expect pain, expect heartache, but as He heals you, you will no longer be emotionally bound to your injuries. You will have new insight and will be left with new memories of Him standing there and defending you. You will feel a new and deep love poured into your heart!


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