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Social media marketing is by far the most cost-effective targeting campaign available, but only when authors follow some simple guidelines.

Not all platforms are a good fit for every author/business, which is why consumer research is so important. Once you have chosen the best platforms the next option is learning how to optimize your metadata, and create quality posts to build organic followers.


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When Spirits Speak: Messages for Spirit Children

One, two, three, four, five, six… “Hello,” a small voice called.

“Writer, I’m Aaron. Can you hear me?” I glanced around but saw no one — just the usual morning fog hugging the coastline.

“Yes, I can hear you,” I said, realizing where the small voice had come from.

From first hearing the voices of children from the World of Spirit, Jeri Tory Conklin brings forth sensitive and eloquent conversations with spirit children who wish to console, teach, and lead others who have yet to cross the rainbow bridge. These are their stories.

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The Blue Lady

In ‘The Blue Lady’, it describes a Prophecy of how angels appear with her in the western United States in 2021. “MoJo’s Blue Lady appears her magenta wings spread across the frame a blue flame the crown army of her flying flock not fallen, not bound, yearning to free us all from the one with no illumination”Wake up” she screams at her lions of the light, fight now to end disbelief, as it’s Satan’s brown streaking meteor over the night of Norway signals a fire and fury that’s but a preview for all called a nation.”

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