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Alborz Azar


Alborz Azar has been dubbed a hero by Pantea (Lana). The story is narrated by Alborz who was once called a great hero by the woman he loves. However, she declined to be titled as the author. In light of the situation, she chose to avoid involvement due to his family. Pantea would go on to call Alborz Azar Casanova, Marco Polo, her hero, etc.

Azar faced all the situations in his life with confidence and believed in the truth. The luxuries in life that he procured were due to his dedication to succeeding in business. They were not inherited from any family legacy.

The struggle to overcome all his difficulties with persistence started at the age of fourteen, but he found his passion for work and dedication drove him to succeed. However, he is still waiting for a successful conclusion in his long-drawn-out litigations for his legal rights. As time passed, his first love was his wife Rozhan continued to stay at his side. Thereafter, some lovely girls crossed his path; the most important was Pantea.

Azar’s dream to become a successful entrepreneur started at a young age. His drive to achieve a name in the corporate world was achieved to an extent, but he was held down by some dirty business rivals in false acquisitions. In the foreseeable future, his complete life story will be written in hopes it will touch the hearts of his readers.



MS Shoes Fall Book 1
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Delhi Andrews Ganj Land Scam - Book 1
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  • Marina M Guerrero

    I love his books they have made me realize that when you love someone you will do anything for them. He is a great author who has great love for Pantea and shows it to her in different ways. He is one of a kind author of great detail. He is a great person that shows his vulnerability in all one of his books.

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